Petra Kvitova Reaches Final

Petra Kvitova defeats Danielle Collins and has qualified to play in the final of Australian Open 2019

After her traumatic experiences of 2016, Kvitova makes great comeback by reaching the final of this year’s  Australian open.

Kvitova seeded eighth, dominated a tie-break to win a tight first set, in which the roof was closed at 4-4.

Temperatures in Meoulburne are reaching 40 celsius degreees and more. This is an important factor in the women’s semi-final.

The Australian Open has introduced a new extreme heat policy this year,indicating that if the heat exceeds 40 degrees the players are allowed a 10 minute break between the second and third sets If a five is recorded, the tournament referee can decide to close the roof on Laver and suspend matches on outside courts. if the temperatures rise even more the refree can choose to close the roof of the court and suspend outside matches.

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When the match between Kvitova and Collins began the temperatures were quite below the requirements for the roof to be closed, so it stayed open. This was a key factor for Kvitova as she is known from the past that playing in the heat is a great weakness for her

At the end of the eighth game of the first set, umpire Ramos announced the roof was going to be closed because the scale had hit five – leading to huge cheers from the crowd.

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After the roof was closed, the temperature in the court had decreased and the players were quite protected from the Australian hot sun, Kvitova turned the tables and won the match

The Czech player had a emotional relase after winning the winning the match. “These are tears of joy” she says.

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