A couple of reasons why Manchester United might win the UEFA Champions League

Manchester United performance in the Premier League so far is not as good as it could be. Thus, word is spread that United’s chances of winning the Champions League are at sea level.

Yet, here are 3 reasons, that made us believe that the Devils still stand a chance of proving themselves.

1 The Manager

Many would say that Manchester is best led by the manager that knows the team best. That would be no other than José Mourinho. Their arguments may have been valid for the way the team played against Cardiff in Solskjaer’s first game in charge back in December as well as Huddersfield and Bournemouth games that followed in quick succession

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But the results Solskjaer got out of the team , have showed time and time again that he is a capable manager. It is not a a point of discussion if the consecutive positive results are a game of chance.

Solskjaer is an intelligent manager, one that has learned form one of the best managers in football history for 10 years. Solskjaer just had to spend some time to get to know the team, with its strengths and weaknesses.


One big difference that Solskjaer brought to the team, is the motivation. Motivating a team might sound like an easy job to do, but anyone that has worked with a group knows the truth about motivation. Building courage in people that follow you takes a true leader, it takes a Solskjaer.

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Manchester United’s players have never been as motivated as they are this season. Mourinho’s United feared defeated, he couldn’t bring up a positive idea that his team could follow

3. Talent

United’s team is built with many talented players. Paul Pogba and David de Gea are world class players who are suddenly performing at the top of their game. Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford are two of the world’s most promising talents, while Romelu Lukaku is forging a role as an impact substitute.

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We should forget about the under performing United that Mourinho made. It is time for a new United, whose only rival will be themselves

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Under very similar circumstances Chelsea in 2012, made their way through the Champions league, taking the first place. In that same year, Chelsea finished 6th in the premier league’s tables.

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