2017 Champion withdraws from Doha due to viral illness

The 2017 champion is the fifth withdrawal from the tournament since the main draw was made, and follows names such as Caroline Wozniacki also suffering a viral illness and Caroline Garcia, afflicted by a left leg injury.

Image result for katerina Pliskova

“I had a temperature few days,” says Katerina Pliskova, the 2017 champion “I don’t have any neck pain or something, but I just feel overall super tired, and my muscles are just hurting from the morning without even doing anything. So I’m just not able to compete 100% today.”

Pliskova is coming off a gruelling Fed Cup first-round tie last weekend in which the Czech team narrowly lost 3-2 to Romania at home in Ostrava – where she said the symptoms had started. “Already the day after Fed Cup, I felt after I played my match with Halep, which was super long and tough, so I just felt somehow exhausting,” she told the press. “From the first day in Doha I was not feeling great and not ready. I have never felt actually this way. It’s normal that you are tired, of course, when you are traveling and playing a lot of matches. But I just feel somehow my body is not ready.”

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